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Coupes vs. Sedans for Kansas City, MO Drivers

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Do you need help deciding between a reliable coupe or safe sedan? When you’re deciding which new car to add to your driveway, body style is where most drivers start their research. Body style forces you to consider your lifestyle, driving preference, and utility needs, which are affected differently by coupes and sedans. Keep reading to learn the differences between coupes and sedans and which you should consider for your daily drive.
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Coupes vs. Sedans: Number of Doors

Typically, coupes are built with two doors while sedans are four-door cars. As a result, entering and exiting sedans is easier for rear passengers since accessing the back seat doesn’t require you to climb behind the front passenger seat, as it does in a coupe. However, two-door cars have their perks too. Few vehicles look sportier than a coupe because removing two doors changes its B and C pillars, making coupes sleeker than sedans. See for yourself by checking out our new inventory of Honda Civic coupes and sedans.
Which should you consider? If you can sacrifice effortless access for a sporty car, a coupe will meet your needs just fine.
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Coupes vs. Sedans: Passenger Seating

Coupes typically seat up to four passengers, unless you opt for a Honda coupe. Seat up to five with a Honda Accord coupe or Honda Civic coupe from our new inventory. After considering who rides with you and how often, the answer might change because a sedan offers more legroom, headroom, and LATCH child seating. Because sedans have a longer wheelbase, they provide more room for a high passenger volume. If you need to strap in a baby’s car seat, child seat safety systems are typically better and easier to work with in a sedan than in a coupe because coupes have restricted backseats.
Which should you consider? If you frequently drive with more than one additional passenger, transport elderly loved-ones, or have a growing family to think about, consider a new Honda sedan from the inventory at Honda of Tiffany Springs near Kansas City, MO to provide a comfortable driving experience for your passengers.
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Coupes vs. Sedans: Cargo Space

When it comes to cargo volume, sedans have the advantage because they are longer. For example, the Accord sedan gets almost 16 cu. ft. of cargo volume while the Accord coupe only gets 13.7 cu. ft. Keep in mind that with the fold-down rear seatbacks, your cargo volume expands in both a coupe and sedan.
Which should you consider? If you only pack groceries and gear, a coupe is enough for your daily routine. If you foresee little league equipment and materials for weekend projects crowding your trunk, consider a spacious, new sedan from Honda of Tiffany Springs near Kansas City, MO.
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Coupes vs. Sedans: Performance

Due to the fact that coupes are more aerodynamic and have lighter bodies, coupes usually out perform sedans. How? You can expect tighter turning radii and better handling in coupes since they have less seating and smaller bodies. At the same time, manufacturers offer performance packages or sport-tuned suspension systems for both sedans and coupes. If you ever want to test-drive a reliable sedan or safe coupe, contact the team online or by calling (866) 205-1181.
Which should you consider? Either a sedan or coupe is a solid option, so do your research to ensure the car you’re considering meets your needs.
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