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Honda Vehicle Care List for Kansas City, MO

Spring is here, and that means it’s time for all the cleaning and maintenance that make up spring-cleaning. Add your vehicle to the list of spring-cleaning chores you have this year and make sure your vehicle is ready for the nice weather that is upon us.​ 

Since our online form is readily available, you won’t have any issue scheduling your next appointment. Simply fill out the form on our website and a Honda of Tiffany Springs representative will contact you with additional information.​ 

8 Tips For Spring Car Care:

A spring checkup is the perfect way to thank your vehicle for it’s admirable performance over the winter. In order to properly thank your car, truck or SUV, consider the following tips when maintaining your vehicle after a long winter.

1. ​ Batteries, Plugs & Wires

Since they work extra hard when it’s cold, winter stress can wreak havoc on your batteries and connections, hindering performance up to 60%. Testing and replacing these components, especially those over three years old, can mean the difference between smooth operation and expensive repairs.​ 

2. ​ Tire Pressure

When checking your vehicle, it is incredibly important that your tires are properly balanced and inflated. Since cold weather can reduce tire pressure, you’ll want to check and make sure they are at the correct PSI.

3. ​ Belts & Hoses

The next step is to check and ensure your belts aren’t cracked and worn and your hoses aren’t blistered, brittle or soft.​ 

4. ​ Brake Systems

One of the most important systems in your vehicle, all components included in your vehicle’s brake system will also require inspection

5. ​ Suspension & Wheel Alignment​ 

It is also advisable to check the wheel alignment and suspension of your car, truck or SUV. This inspection will determine whether or not replacing worn or leaking parts will help to alleviate any larger issues that may occur in the future.

6. ​ Fluid Levels

Making sure your engine oil, brake fluid, coolant, and even your windshield washer fluid are topped off is integral when spring-checking your vehicle.

7. ​ Engine Air Filter

A quick fix that can save you money on future repairs, replacing your engine’s air filter can be done at the same time as your fluid changes.

8. ​ Windshield Wipers

One of the easiest components to overlook, the windshield wipers on vehicle should be checked for cracks and tears.

For more information on scheduling maintenance or any of the additional services we provide to drivers in and around the Kansas City, MO area, please don’t hesitate to contact Honda of Tiffany Springs through our website or by calling us at (816) 452-7000.
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