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The "Magic" Seats Available with the 2016 Honda Fit

Is the seating technology included in the 2016 Honda Fit really magic? It all depends on your definition of the word ‘magic’. Will the seats in the new Honda Fit have doves fly out of them, or an endless string of handkerchiefs, or ask drivers to pick a card? No. Sadly, that technology is still a few years away, but if your definition of ‘magic’ is slightly different, than the answer might be yes.​ 

The magic seats included on the 2016 Honda Fit provide a level of comfort never before seen with a subcompact vehicle. The seats have three different ‘modes’ to give drivers more cargo space or a place to relax.​ 
Long mode allows the front passenger seat to fully recline in order to fit cargo that is longer than normal
Tall mode enables drivers to remove the seat cushions from the rear seats to accommodate larger boxes or taller cargo
Refresh mode makes the front seat recline fully flat, so the driver can lounge in the back seat with their legs on the front seat.​ 

If your definition of ‘magic’ includes more cargo space, a ‘refresh mode’ for a driver that needs to stretch out, or configurable seats for specific cargo needs, then, yes, the seats included with the 2016 Honda Fit are, in fact, magic.​ 

Are you ready to test the seats on the 2016 Honda Fit for yourself? Great. Our Honda dealership in Kansas City has several 2016 Fit hatchbacks in stock and ready to test drive. Contact our team through our website or by phone at (816) 452-7000 to learn more about the Fit and all our models.​ 
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