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Dog-Proofing Your Car in Kansas City, MO


1. Coat seating with water and stain-resistant spray

Upholstery protector is a stain-resistant spray that’s material specific. It bonds to the surface, creating a protective layer that’s difficult to remove. It’s also long lasting and protects your seats from dirty prints, accidents, and drool.

2. Cover your seats with a pet-specific seat cover, cargo cover, or old blanket

Pet-specific seat covers come in a variety of forms. They’re made from water-resistant, durable, and washable fabric that keeps messes contained to the cover itself. They range from covers that protect one seat to car hammocks, which cover the entire back seat. If you get a car hammock, be sure to purchase one that allows access to seatbelts so passengers and your pet can still be strapped in tight.
A cargo cover is the same as a seat cover, except it protects open trunks, such as in SUVs and hatchback sedans. They’re excellent protection during long road trips and for big dogs.
Putting an old blanket over your seats works too, but it probably won’t protect your seats from pet accidents because it isn’t absorbent like pet-specific covers are.

3. Put Fido in a dog harness

Confining your furry friend to one spot is one way to minimize messes since Fido won’t have free reign to move about the cabin.

4. Cover your windows in glass coatings or plastic wrap

Glass coating is difficult to apply, so it’s suggested you get a professional detailer to handle this for you. If you’re the DIY type, plastic wrap will suit you fine. All of your pet’s nose prints and slobber can be removed easily by simply peeling the plastic off.

5. Avoid scratches and rips with nail caps

They are small plastic caps that are applied over you dog’s nails with a small amount of adhesive. They last for four to six weeks, and some vets will apply them for a small fee.

6. Get all-weather floor mats and floor liners

These rubber mats are slip-resistant and have grooves to contain and hold liquids until you can dispose of them yourself. They’re great for protecting your carpeted floors from messes.

7. Essential oils keep car smelling fresh

Not only do essential oils make your car smell wonderful, but they’re antimicrobial and will kill odor-causing bacteria.

8. Stash window cleaner, paper towels, and a lint roller in the car just in case

You can dog-proof your car as much as you want, but life happens. Keep these materials close by to quickly clean up messes and reduce staining and odors.
If you have any questions about dog-proofing your vehicle, want to schedule service, or want to order parts, give Honda of Tiffany Springs in Kansas City, MO a call at (866) 205-1181.
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